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Andrew Gibson is a co-founder and director of Key Currency. Day-to-day he looks after finance, digital marketing and staff training.

He is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst and has appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg TV as a financial expert.

Prior to Key Currency, he worked as an accountant and investment banker before venturing out into the real world to run his own businesses. You can view Andrew’s LinkedIn profile here.

Outside of work, Andrew has a passion for food, coffee and landscaping.

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How to transfer money to Spain (in 4 steps) - 06 November 2019

Transferring money to Spain is straightforward. There are four steps involved.

The first step for any new customer is to register for an account, which normally only takes a few minutes.

Registration is necessary to comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations. It is essentially an ID check. It won’t cost anything, and you will be under no obligation to transact... Read More

Transfer money abroad (how it works, costs compared & best ways) - 28 October 2019

To transfer money abroad, you can use a bank, money transfer firm or currency broker. We compare the costs, explain how it works, and help you decide which option is best.

Finding the best way for you will depend on the amount you need to send (above or below £5,000), whether you are sending cash or doing a bank-to-bank transfer, and how quickly your money needs to get to the recipient... Read More

Get the Best Euro Exchange Rate (a helpful guide with answers) - 18 October 2019

We explain how to get the best euro exchange rates in the UK (and show you how to avoid the worst). 

I’m sure most people know that the exchange rates at banks and airports are bad news for your back pocket.

They have something in common…a captive audience... Read More

Selling Your Property in France (advice and tips) - 17 October 2019

Selling your property in France is a big step. But there are basic things you can do to help the success and speed of your sale without a lot of cost or hassle.

You don’t need to be a renovator or handyman to follow my advice. In fact, a lot of it comes down to seeing your property through the eyes of a buyer and creating your own luck through good preparation... Read More

How to Pick the Best Forex Broker (a Useful Guide) - 4 October 2019

Forex brokers allow you to buy and sell foreign currencies.

There are two types: those that trade forex and those that transfer currency.

Before choosing a forex broker, you need to decide whether you are looking to speculate on FX rates or send money abroad... Read More

Transfer money from UK to USA - 26 September 2019

Transferring money from the UK to the USA is not complicated.

As a customer, once you agree an exchange rate and transfer in your pounds, your bank or currency specialist will do the rest for you.

The challenge is to choose the right currency provider when faced with unfamiliar, financial jargon... Read More

Large Currency Transfers - 17 September 2019

Exchanging large amounts of currency gives you an advantage. It means you should receive a better exchange rate from your broker or bank.

An exchange rate is effectively the price of a currency. And like most things in life, the more you buy, the better the price... Read More

Transfer Money from UK to Australia - 16 September 2019

If you need to send money to Australia, there are really just two important things to consider.

The first is to make sure your money arrives safely.

The second is to ensure you get a great exchange rate and avoid paying any nasty fees.

From a personal perspective, I have been in your shoes... Read More

Emigrating to Australia - A Helpful Guide - 11 September 2019

There are plenty of reasons to move Down Under.  

For many people, it comes down to this: better weather, better pay and a better lifestyle. 

Australia is by far the most popular destination for Brits who decide to emigrate. 

In fact, 1 in 4 UK citizens that live abroad choose to emigrate to Australia, and there are now more than 1.2 million Brits that call Australia home... Read More

Transfer money from France to the UK - 09 September 2019

Forget the financial jargon. Transferring money from France to the UK is relatively simple, but the costs will vary depending on whether you use a bank or currency broker.

There are four simple steps in an international money transfer. These are shown below.

In practice, the process is extremely quick and easy as your bank or currency broker should do the hard work for you... Read More

Spanish property market after Brexit - 13 June 2019

Has Brexit led to a fall in Spanish property prices?

The simple answer is no. Overall Spanish property prices have continued rising since the Brexit referendum in 2016 but some coastal areas are reporting a fall in British buyers.

The reason the Spanish property market has help up is that demand has come from other nationalities, such as German, Russian and Chinese buyers... Read More

7 Tips For Selling Your Property In Spain In 2019 - 05 June 2019

Selling a property in Spain is part-art, part-science. No doubt there is an element of luck, but there are always things you can do to help your odds.

Below we have put together a checklist of 7 simple tips to help boost the sales price of your property in Spain.... Read More

Transfer Money from Spain to the UK - Explained Step-by-Step - 23 May 2019

If you need to transfer money from Spain to the UK, you basically have two choices.

It can be done using a bank or a currency broker. A lot of people will automatically use their bank as it's familiar and they have an account already set up. But there are some cost and service advantages when using a currency broker.

The most important factor in an international money transfer from Spain to the UK is the exchange rate. Think of the exchange rate as like the price you are getting... Read More